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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Trading Platforms are compatible with our Software ?
    All our products are designed for Ninjatrader

  • Are upgrades included ?
    Yes, all users can always download the last version available of any purchased product at no cost.
    Each time we upload a new version to the website, the current users are notified.

  • Is the upgrade to Ninjatrader 8 Included ?
    Yes, We will be uploading the converted versions for Ninjatrader 8 as we finish and test them.
  • On How many computers can I install the Software ?
    Each product is licensed to be used on 2 computers
  • How can I purchase on this website ?
    You create a user (top of the site)
    Add your product/s to the Cart
    Go to Checkout and finish the purchase

  • How do I get the Software ?
    Once finished the purchase you have the software listed on "My Downloads" Section
    You also receive an email from us with additional information depending on the product

  • How can I pay ?
    We use PayPal, which accepts all kind of credit and debit cards as also bank accounts.

  • Can I test the software ?
    We do not offer Free Trials
    All our products are tested and work as explained on the product page details or its corresponding videos.
    If any user finds a bug, or malfunction after a new Ninja release, we analyze and fix it.

  • Can I return or get a refund if I dont like it ?
    Once the software is downloaded there are no returns or refunds.

  • Once downloaded the software, how is the install process ?
    You download a zip file from the website. You will need to remember the folder where it is located.
    Go to Ninjatrader Menu, File, Utilities, Import Ninjascript and then, find and select the downloaded zip file.

  • What do I need to enable the software on my computer ?
    You will receive instructions on the purchase email explaining how to get the machine id from your computer.
    Then send us your machine id so we can enable it.
    Same applies if you change your computer ; please inform us your old and new id so we can update the database.

  • How can I use a Discount Coupon Code ?
    Add your Product/s to the Cart, Click on the Cart ( Top Right Icon ), select View Cart
    Click on Use Coupon Code, type your Coupon Code and click Apply
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